Iceland Road Trip | Part 1

I've fully jumped on the Iceland bandwagon. I love Iceland. It's my kind of place - not too many people and I feel like I'm on another planet. The "Insta-famous" over the past few years have made this a cliche destination. Clearly, they did their job well. No hair, don't care.



Public Service Announcement: This is not an easy hike in the snow. I don't consider myself a clumsy person. I like to think I was athletic in high school. So, I felt ridiculous when I could barely walk in the snow/ice on the hour and a half hike to the springs. I can't remember how many times I fell. I found myself sprawled out on the ground and other hikers would leisurely pass me. How the hell are they doing that? They had ice cleats on their shoes. Who knew those where a thing? We don't get much snow in the South. Okay?

We hiked all the way there and didn't even get in. I was too battered and bruised and it was probably 30 degrees outside. I'm really selling this hike, aren't I?

But in all seriousness, it's a beautiful hike. Just don't go when the snow has turned to ice, or better yet go in the summer.

Mind your bum.



"Here's the situation... I pee a lot during the night. I'm going to start dehydrating at 3. Sound good?" - @elstenstrom



Our morning view.



 This is an American plane that crash landed after running out of fuel. Everyone on board survived.

"I should wear my hood up all the time. I feel like a Sith Lord." - @elstenstrom





Pro tip: Get to the beach early in the morning or later in the day to avoid the tour buses.

"Colby, look! The beach is happy to see us!" - @elstenstrom