Unsure of where to go or stay, I reached out to Colby for help planning a recent trip to France. He listened to our interests and checklist and guided us to a fantastic town southeast of Paris where we spent the majority of our time. Dijon is adorable, and it fit our travel style perfectly: historic, quaint corners, good wine, and laid back. Colby provided a list of great hotels to choose from, and booked the two we wanted (and was even able to get the exact room we wanted!). His quick communication, availability, and extensive knowledge make him a great travel adviser. We'll definitely be asking him for help again in the future!

- Stephanie and Kyle K. - Paris and Dijon, France


When Michael and I recently took our trip to Europe, it was the best decision to use Colby as our travel agent. It's hard for me to plan vacations because I'm overwhelmed at the options available. It was helpful to have someone hear what we wanted to do with our trip and help us find the right ways to spend our time.
The result was a relaxing, enjoyable trip to Europe—all without the hours of planning and stress. Instead, we were able to plan what we wanted and leave the rest to him.
We highly recommend using Colby if you're thinking about a trip anywhere in the world. Believe us, it will make your experience much less stressful!
- Tori L. - France, Germany, Austria
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Traveling to a new place is always exciting, but it can also be very daunting.  I was very excited about traveling to Paris for the first time this summer, but didn’t have much knowledge about the country.  I only knew about the big tourist attractions and figured that these were the main things I would see.  Before I left, I talked to Colby about my trip.  He said he would help me out with planning my trip and I received a Paris Guide from him.  Colby didn’t just send me a list of places to visit; he gave me a detailed travel itinerary that helped me to fully experience Paris.  Once I was there, I knew where to go eat and what places to visit.  I knew where to see the best views of the city, and which museums I should go to.  I never felt lost or confused about where to go.  I was able to see so much more than I ever would have because of his help.  Colby went above and beyond, and will without a doubt be my travel advisor from here on out.

Lauren S.

Colby's insight was invaluable to me on my trip throughout Europe. He went above and beyond to make sure I knew all the helpful information, resources, and unique spots that made my trip much more meaningful. My trip would've not been the same if it weren't for all of Colby's help! 
- Paige S.

Last year I did a ten-day tour de Europe to visit friends in various places. I scheduled one day for myself to explore Paris. Traveling to several different countries, and exploring Paris by myself, proved to make thorough planning difficult. Colby was my first call to guide me through The City of Light. Colby provided an itinerary of sights to see, food to try, and places to sit and enjoy Parisian culture. He guided me through the city in a logical, navigable route that took me to all the highlights in the city and even some hidden treasures! Colby also gave me tips to which only an experienced traveller would be privy. I am so grateful for Colby's "One Day In Paris" guide because it allowed me to independently see the city without fear of missing any important aspect of Paris.
- Rebecca P.

I had the privilege of working with Colby when trying to book a trip for my friend’s wedding. Thanks to Colby and his amazing attention to detail, he was able to find me the most affordable flights and accommodations. Colby is extremely trustworthy and easy to work with.
- Kelsey P.