What does a travel advisor do?

I take my services beyond a typical travel agency. I use my extensive travel experiences throughout Europe and the US to provide much more for you than merely booking flights and hotels. I have taken trips to find the hidden gems you are looking for. Are you looking to visit a traditional boulangerie in Paris? I know just the place. Want to go surfing in Wales? I have the perfect beach for you. Are you longing for the quintessential Swiss alpine town? I have a beautiful one in mind. While I make the necessary transportation and lodging reservations, I plan a vacation that you’ll always remember and make your travel experience something like never before... no matter the duration or destination. 

Why should I choose to work with you?

Traveling is more than a trip to a destination. It is an experience, and your vacation should be much more than hopping on a plane and staying in a hotel to see a few attractions. Your travel experience deserves careful attention to details, such as the aesthetics of your hotel and the gardens that I may suggest visiting. 

Do you plan corporate travel? 


No one uses travel agents anymore.

According to the American Society of Travel Agents (ASTA) in 2011, travel agents sell 87% of all cruises, 51% of all airline tickets, 81% of all tours, 47% of all hotels, and 45% of rentals. Many travelers, either for business or leisure, use travel agents due to the value added to the overall travel experience.

I can find it cheaper online.

You can search the internet high and low and you may find a better price, but you will spend a lot more time researching on your own. Also, I make recommendations for destinations, hotels, restaurants, etc. based on where I have personally traveled, or research I have done.

I can do the same thing on my own.

Yes you can. Again, think of the time you have to spend researching flights, making sure it’s the right day, time, class, etc. The research and planning becomes overwhelming for a single person, let alone a large family. However, using my services relieves you of the stress that can occur when planning an entire trip. 

You just want to book me at the hotel or on the cruise with the highest commission.

That’s not what I’m about, or who I am. I am here to make sure that your travel experience is a grand adventure and stress free. Sure, there might be some agents that try to upsell, but I respect you as my client and friend to adhere to your budget while ensuring a quality travel experience.

All travel agents are the same.

Not at all. Many specialize in just one type of travel—cruising, land, etc. However, I take pride in planning trips that may be off the beaten path. I want you to explore and experience new ideas, cultures, and surroundings.

Do you sell trip insurance?

Yes I do! I’d love to talk to you about it, and I always recommend purchasing it for ease of mind.

What is your cancellation policy?

Ask me for details!

For further inquiries, please contact me.